Water filtration systems for your single or multi-family house (EFH/MFH)

The UrSpring BeWell water filtration system removes 99.99999% of all bacteria and parasites and up to 99.99% of all viruses. It is the best solution against communicable diseases caused by contaminated tap water. Directly at the house connection and thus in the kitchen, in the bathroom, simply everywhere in the house. Even the pool, the paddling pool or the children’s garden hose party on the trampoline are safe.

At each tap

Unlike point-of-use systems, UrSpring BeWell delivers pure, great-tasting water at every tap and provides safety in every shower.

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Against impurities

In combination with the Seccua BioFilter, UrSpring BeWell significantly reduces a wide range of other undesirable substances such as pesticides, hormone-like substances or drug residues. Of course, also in multi-family houses.

With the domestic water filter system from Seccua remove limescale deposits more easily.

Limescale causes considerable damage in the long term and promotes the formation of a biofilm. Our AntiCal filter medium reduces unwanted limescale deposits quite considerably. With catalytic resin and without salt.

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What comes out of your faucet?

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