AroxBag AntiCal®


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Product description

For filling the Seccua Biofilter cartridge. The AntiCal can be combined with other granules, for example with AntiTox. For further details, please refer to the data sheet of the Seccua Biofilter.


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The replacement of the AroxBag AntiCal can be performed independently. More information is available in our manual.

All hardware products purchased from Seccua are backed by a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty against damage in materials and workmanship.

  AroxBag AntiTox
Filtration method Seccua AntiCal: Seccua AntiCal-Medium
Filtration capacity Continuous load: 10 liters per minute Peak load: 30 liters per minute
Max. Operating pressure 10 bar
Max. Operating temperature 30 °C (max. 40 °C)
Available in the following products  UrSpring Plus

For which Seccua filtration system can the AroxBag AntiCal be used?

The AroxBag AntiCal is replacement filter media for the UrSpring Plus product. Please follow our recommended replacement cycle. The Seccua AroxBag AntiCal should be changed after 300,000 liters of filtration volume per filter bag or after 2 years at the latest. More information is available on the respective product pages or in our manuals.

Where can I find replacement filters for the UrSpring BeWell?

Replacement filter for the UrSpring BeWell is our Seccu Mem Pro. More information about the replacement cycle and our products can be found here.

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