Why safe water is so important

Did you know that about 3.4 million people worldwide die every year from diseases contracted through polluted water? 40 % of them are children under the age of five. In 2020, 2 billion people had no access to safe drinking water. Half of these people live in sub-Saharan Africa. This makes filtration facilities like Seccua’s to treat water into safe drinking water all the more important.

MANN+HUMMEL employee Maximilian Werner (photo), who has family in Kenya, worked with John Oloo to install and successfully commission a Seccua Urspring BeWell ultrafiltration system on site in the village of Kasipul Kabondo in Nyanza Province. Now the water from two rainwater harvesting tanks can be treated in one step with the Ursping BeWell. Seccua filters remove bacteria, viruses, parasites and turbidity almost completely from the raw water. Every day, up to 900 l of hygienically safe drinking water can be produced for the approximately 65 inhabitants of the village. Access to clean water helps the people in this rural region a lot, because the daily purchase of bottled water is otherwise quite expensive.

By the way, this is not the first project in Kenya where Seccua filter systems are used. In 2012, Seccua had already equipped a development aid project in Sidogne with its drinking water filters.

Info at www.seccua.com