UrSpring Top
Product description

Seccua ultrafiltration system for the reduction of pathogens and undesirable substances.


– Viruses
– Bacteria (e.g. Legionella, E. coli)
– Parasites
– Other microorganisms
– Turbidities
– Rust coloration
– Particles (e.g. microplastics)
– Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides
– Drug residues and hormone-like substances
– Plasticizers
– Disinfection by-products
– Solvents
– etc.


1. Seccua ultrafiltration system UrSpring BeWell

-> Prevents the penetration of viruses, bacteria, parasites, turbidity and particles (rust, microplastics, or the like) from the central water supply or from your private spring/well

2. Seccua Biofilter incl. two-part cartridge two filter media AroxBag AntiTox

-> Improves odor and taste of the water
-> Reduces plasticizers, residues of antibiotics, pesticides as well as other dissolved substances
-> Reduces disinfection by-products (THM)


Delivery 2-3 working days

Do you need help?

Proper installation of UrSpring Top can be performed by our service technicians or any professional plumber. In case of city water filtration, UrSpring Top must be inspected once a year after installation, and serviced every three years at the latest.

All hardware products purchased from Seccua are backed by a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty against damage in materials and workmanship.

Datasheet UrSpring Top

 UrSpring BeWellSeccua BioFilter
Filtration methodSeccua UltrafiltrationSeccua AntiTox: activated carbon from coconut shells

Viruses up to 99.99 % Bacteria/parasites and other microorganisms 99.99999 %;
Turbidity and particles below visibility limit (<0.15 NTU)

Filtration capacityContinuous load: 15 liters per minute
Peak load: 42 liters per minute
Continuous load: 10 liters per minute Peak load: 30 liters per minute
Max. Operating pressure5 bar10 bar
Ambient operating temperature55 °C30 °C (max. 40 °C)
Water temperature4 °C – 40 °C 

What are the components of UrSpring Top?

The UrSpring Top contains the UrSpring BeWell and our Seccua BioFilter (filter medium: AroxBag AntiTox).

How often does the filter need to be changed?

Depending on the local water quality, the filter of the UrSpring BeWell should be changed regularly, but no later than after 3 years.

The Seccua AroxBag AntiTox should be replaced after 300,000 liters of filtration volume per filter bag or after 2 years at the latest.

Can the UrSpring reduce limescale deposits?

Yes, in combination with our Seccua BioFilter (AntiCal), limescale deposits can also be reduced.