Sustainably flawless drinking and process water all around

How much peace of mind would it give you knowing that you had the ability to almost totally deprive the biofilm throughout your dental facility’s water-delivery system of nutrients on an ongoing basis?

You can make it happen with a Seccua ultrafiltration system. Seccua systems are installed at the point where a building’s water line enters your facility. They sift 99.99999 % of bacteria and other microorganisms, thereby preventing drinking and dental water contamination.

Protects patients, staff, and dental health professionals.

Serves every tap and connection in the clinic.

No chemicals!

Gentle on your equipment

Provides reliable service during treatment and for day-to-day applications

Improves water taste and odor


In this short video, Dr. Georgios Tampouridis, who is a dentist and implantologist from Esslingen am Neckar, tells us why he prefers ultrafiltration to chemical disinfection when it comes to drinking water.


For additional information, please consult our free “Drinking Water Hygiene for Medical and Dental Facilities” brochure.


Take a look at the following example clips and see just how effortless installing a Seccua ultrafiltration system can be: