Seccua Ultrafiltration
How Seccua
ultrafiltration works

The membrane is the heart of our ultrafiltration solutions. It retains the smallest particles from drinking water and removes up to 99.99999 % of all bacteria and parasites and up to 99.99 % of all viruses – without chemicals or UV irradiation.

This is how fine ultrafiltration is
Advantages of Seccua ultrafiltration
Fully automatic, daily filter flushing

All material retained by the filter is automatically flushed out daily and discharged into the wastewater. This ensures consistent and unrestricted filter quality.

Water treatment without chemicals

Since Seccua ultrafiltration is an exclusively physical separation method, neither chemicals nor UV irradiation are necessary to disinfect the water.

Minimum water consumption

Compared to other filtration methods, Seccua ultrafiltration requires little water for rinsing.

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