Seccua UH15

The Seccua UH15 is designed to filter water from both public supplies and private wells. The system treats water via ultrafiltration using membranes to stop pollutants at the point-ofentry. The Seccua UH15 intervenes centrally to remove bacteria (e.g. Legionella), parasites, viruses, and turbidity-promoting particles before they can enter the building. That helps prevent the development and spread of waterborne pathogens in plumbing lines and boilers. It even removes particulates and microplastics. Seccua ultrafiltration solutions are based on medical membrane technology originally developed for use in dialysis. The membrane blocks waterborne pathogens and other pollutants. Any captured debris is then automatically flushed from its surface as waste water in regular intervals.

Product description
Seccua UH15 ultrafiltration system
Advantages of Seccua ultrafiltration
The Seccua UH15 app

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The Seccua UH15 system can be controlled electronically using a mobile device and application. Use the hassle-free app to confi gure the ioT control unit and monitoring. Lets users track water use, costs, rinse cycles, and remaining service life of fi lter. The app also alarms users in case any parameters are exceeded or if there is a malfunction. This makes maintenance easy and ensures fl awless operation at all times. The Seccua UH15 connects to mobile devices via WLAN. The unit can also be connected to mobile devices locally using Bluetooth. Please note: While a local connection provides users with full control of the Seccua UH15 system, a WLAN connection is required to gain access to the entire range of functions available on the app.

Optional media filter are available to make your Seccua UH15 system perform even better. Thanks to the process of adsorption, Seccua filter media are able to capture unwanted pollutants—such as pharmaceutical residues, hormone-like substances, pesticides, PFAS, solvents, plasticizers, chlorine, and disinfection byproducts—present in the public-water supply. Used in conjunction with optional filter media available from Seccua, the system effectively reduces limescale deposits as well. These optional filter units are also suitable for whole-applications since they are installed inline between the point-of-entry and the Seccua UH15. It is possible to upgrade the Seccua UH15 system even further by installing point-of-use solutions, such as the Seccua MK7 under-counter filter for your kitchen sink.

Following initial installation, maintenance should be carried out on the Seccua UH15 system once per year (e.g. to recalibrate sensors).

DIY change-outs of Seccua UH15 fi lter modules are quick and easy. Maximum service life of fi lter module is three years.

Datasheet Urspring UH15

Filtration methodSeccua Ultrafiltration

Viruses up to 99.99 %; Bacteria/parasites and other microorganisms 99.99999 % ;
Turbidity and particles below visibility limit (<0.15 NTU)

Filtration capacityContinuous load: 15 liters per minute;
Peak load: 42 liters per minute
Max. Operating pressure5 bar
Max. Operating ambient temperature55 °C
Water temperature4 °C – 40 °C
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