Building technology

Our solutions for business customers are tailored to the needs of property managers, building operators and real estate owners. They offer the best of our expertise in water hygiene for building services. Seccua ultrafiltration is the reliable barrier against pathogens that, in health-threatening concentrations, can bring the health department to the scene: Legionella, parasites and other microorganisms.

Phoenix GT

Ideal for residential buildings, long-term care facilities and hospitals or hotels. Eliminates 99.99999 % of all bacteria and up to 99.99 % of all viruses, as well as particles (rust, microplastics, etc.) and suspended particles below visibility limit. Phoenix GT prevents pathogen growth in the plumbing system without chemical treatment or residues.

Automatic daily integrity tests detect even the smallest membrane damage. The permanent retention of pathogens and the integrity test have been tested, controlled and confirmed in long-term tests by the world’s most stringent health authorities, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Californian Health Department.