Private water supplies
Ultrafiltration for long-lasting clean drinking water from private springs and wells

Owners of private water supplies are responsible themselves for the quality and hygiene of their drinking water. This is no easy task, because springs and wells are occasionally contaminated by surface water. During heavy rainfall or snowmelt, the soil no longer filters sufficiently safely. Especially in areas with livestock or game populations, there is then a risk of contamination of spring water by fecal germs.

It is therefore easy to understand why private water suppliers are bound to comply with national drinking water regulations. This applies all the more when drinking water from private sources or wells is supplied to third parties. If the microbiological values of the drinking water are not in order, the health authority must order the elimination of defects or even measures for health protection.

Ultrafiltration for fluctuating drinking water quality

With UrSpring BeWell from Seccua, these risks don’t even occur. Using membrane filtration derived from the medical process of dialysis, it not only retains coliform bacteria such as the dreaded Escherichia coli. Parasites that cause intestinal infections but whose presence does not need to be monitored also no longer stand a chance.

1. Advantages
  • Removes 99.99999 % of all bacteria and parasites and 99.99 % of all viruses. 
  • Purely mechanical filtration process without chemicals.
    Removes turbidity to below the visibility limit of 0.15 NTU, therefore ideal as a double barrier with already installed UV disinfection systems.
  • Low power requirements, only 5 watts power consumption in normal operation.
  • Sustainable – recurring costs for disinfection are eliminated.
2. Installation
  • Behind water reservoirs, downstream of well pressure pump, after the domestic waterworks, inside frost-protected equipment rooms.

3. Optional
  • UrSpring BeWell in combination with the Seccua BioFilter additionally reduces harmful substances such as pharmaceutical residues, hormone-like substances, pesticides, solvents, plasticizers or microplastics.
Are you an owner of a private water supply? Let us advise you without obligation on how the microbiological limits of your drinking water become and remain perfect.
UrSpring BeWell
UrSpring Top + BioFilter