Water technology from Germany in demand worldwide - Seccua continues to expand its distribution network

Clean water is one of the basic human needs and one of the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations. Global water consumption is steadily increasing, and innovative technologies such as ultrafiltration are required to produce safe drinking water from previously unusable water resources and to make existing water supplies safe. Even here, the need to address drinking water quality is increasing, although in Germany about 99 percent of households are connected to the central drinking water supply. In other countries, the figure is far lower. Surface-affected drinking water should therefore be treated decentrally to reliably reduce pathogens, turbidity and impurities from the water. 

Demand for drinking water filtration will increase significantly in all relevant market segments in the coming years. Innovative water and wastewater technology from Germany is in high demand worldwide. According to the VDMA, exports of water and wastewater technology from Germany reached a record level of around 1.2 billion euros in 2022. With an export volume of 571 million euros, the most important customer region for Germany remains the EU, led by France (87 million), Poland (74 million), and the Netherlands (67 million). USA (84.5 million) and Great Britain (62 million) also occupy leading positions.

Seccua is targeting fast-growing markets with its product portfolio.

As an innovation and technology leader for standardized ultrafiltration systems for the decentralized treatment of drinking water, Seccua is targeting strongly growing markets. The wholly owned subsidiary of filter expert MANN+HUMMEL has been selling its innovative filter solutions for drinking water treatment for many years, and not only in German-speaking countries. A large part of the equipment manufactured by Seccua goes to other European countries, to the USA/North America and also to Asia. More than 3,000 Seccua plants are successfully in operation worldwide.

Since 2005, Seccua has been developing, producing and marketing ultrafiltration solutions for the significant reduction of pathogens and particles from drinking water in private, commercial and public buildings, as well as for the drinking water treatment of communities with up to 20,000 consumers. Ultrafiltration is the ideal treatment solution for surface-affected water because a Seccua ultrafiltration system is based on developments in medical technology and reduces not only particles such as microplastics, rust and turbidity in the water, but also 99.99999% of all bacteria, parasites and up to 99.99% of all viruses. Seccua thus ensures effective disinfection of the water.

Partner for the expansion of our distribution structures

At Seccua, we have successfully established and expanded our business in the residential, building tech (building services, commercial) and public water supply segments in recent years. In order to be able to optimally serve the increasing demand in the different market segments, we are continuously looking for qualified sales and installation partners as well as competent system integrators for the different business areas, both for Germany and the international markets for drinking water treatment.

Our drinking water treatment solutions are leading in their target markets for many years, but they are consulting-intensive. That is why, from the very beginning, we at Seccua relied on a network of experienced experts who, based on their knowledge and in-depth experience, take a close look at customers’ drinking water situation and work with them to develop individual solutions. This explains our success in recent years, and we intend to follow this path in the further expansion of our sales structures. 

Do you want to join us? If you could imagine a sales partnership with Seccua, I would be pleased to hear from you.